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  • The Psychological and Social Benefits of Agriculture with the Homeless Garden Project

    The Psychological and Social Benefits of Agriculture with the Homeless Garden Project

    Trevin Dace, a 2022 UCSC Sociology BA graduate, began his involvement with HGP by volunteering, which led to a summer internship. Inspired by his involvement, he wrote his senior thesis in collaboration with the Homeless Garden Project Farm from May 2021 to May 2022. His goal was to understand the physiological and social benefits of agriculture for the trainees (those affected by homelessness working through the program), volunteers, and staff who work on the farm.

    To read more, download the full Homeless Garden Project Campus + Community Spotlight.

  • Playworks


    Associate Professor of Sociology Rebecca London has been working with Playworks since 2008. Their work involves helping schools to improve playtime through strategies to make recess safe, healthy, and engaging, and to provide students with tools to manage their own play, solve conflicts that arise, and strengthen their social and emotional skills.

    To read more, download the full Playworks Campus + Community Spotlight.

  • Decolonize the Surf

    Decolonize the Surf

    David Crellin created Decolonize the Surf for his Master of Fine Arts thesis in Digital Arts New Media. The project was created to present research about the history of representation and racism in surf culture and to encourage meaningful conversation in the surfing community around these issues.

    A site-specific art and research project, Decolonize The Surf deployed over 400 surf-style stickers throughout surfing locales (surf spots, surf shops, cafes, parking lots, etc) from San Francisco to San Diego. The stickers, embedded with QR codes for scanning, introduce countervailing narratives that challenge typical surf histories and problematize assumptions of white normativity in the sport.

    To read more, download the full art and research project Campus + Community Spotlight.

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