Community Partner Resources

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UC Santa Cruz can be a powerful partner for resilient and equitable change. Campus + Community helps identify UCSC faculty experts who will integrate your ideas to produce new knowledge that empowers social change. Furthermore, our diverse student body seeks practical, real-world learning opportunities to develop more vibrant, diverse, and sustainable communities.

Want to partner with UCSC students or experts?

Community Partner Research and Scholarship Resources

Partnership Building

What is the Institutional Review Board (IRB)? Why do researchers need their approval?

Power Building and Organizing

willful defiance book cover featuring person holding their fist up wearing a backpack

Willful Defiance tells the story of how Black and Brown parents and students organized to dismantle the school–to–prison pipeline in their local schools and built a movement that spread across the country.

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Collective impact is a network of community members, organizations, and institutions who advance equity by learning together, aligning, and integrating their actions to achieve population and systems level change. 

Campus + Community takes a critical community-engaged approach to partnerships, which emphasizes collaborating with community organizations or members to co-create knowledge through mutually beneficial activities. This approach is meant to further the needs, goals and aspirations of local communities, and center their voices, ways of knowing, and expertise in every aspect of the project, from inception to dissemination.

Last modified: May 22, 2024