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  • UCSC Office of Research: Distinguishing Partnership Types
  • Community engagement experts may be available to work on your project. Contact Ned LeBlond, Managing Director at the Institute for Social Transformation to develop a Partnership Agreement.
  • Flowchart of Proposal Development within the Social Sciences at UC Santa Cruz (Coming Soon)

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How Can You Use Engaged Scholarship in Promotion and Tenure?

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Engaged scholarship involves a variety of research and dissemination activities, vital to the mission of higher education, that are intentional, mutually beneficial, and connect deeply with a community or public audiences through teaching, research, and/or dissemination.

Engaged scholarship is often multi-disciplinary, involving scholars and community partners across traditionally siloed disciplines and domains. This type of scholarship often integrates research, teaching, and/or service in ways that are hard to fit into traditional paradigms. In addition, the work can require significant relationship-building to create long-term trusting relationships or substantial investment in community work, to connect with various publics. 

Engaged scholarship generates a variety of products, some of which have not traditionally been recognized in the tenure and promotion process because they are not published in peer reviewed venues.

Although public scholarship like opinion pieces or news articles that interview and quote scholars are generally recognized as important contributions to society, there are less well established assessment standards for the scholarly products of engaged research – including reports, briefs, websites, maps and story maps, theories of action, social media campaigns, community-based convenings, community-based art and creative works, collaborative art and performance, engaged technology and tech solutions, and others.

In addition, engaged scholarly products may include multiple co-authors and co-conveners, including community partners who contribute to the work in significant ways.

View the unedited recording of our first Campus + Community event, Valuing Engaged Scholarship in the Tenure and Promotion Process. (Note, we had some technical difficulties at the start, which will be fully apparent in the video. Apologies, and thanks for sticking with us!)

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Promotion and Tenure Engaged Scholarship Resources

Please email us if your department has updated its engaged scholarship guidelines or if your department wants to incorporate best practices in their reviews.

Additional Reading

Books and Resources About Community-Engaged Research

Fine, Michelle, and Maria Elena Torre. 2021. Essentials of critical participatory action research. American Psychological Association.

Hoffman, Andrew J. 2021. The engaged scholar: Expanding the impact of academic research in today’s world. Stanford University Press

McLaughlin, Milbrey and Rebecca A. London. 2013. From data to action: A community approach to improving youth outcomes. Harvard Education Press.

Special Journal Issues Compiling Engaged Research

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National and State Organizations to Support Engaged Research

LEAD California – a statewide nonprofit organization supporting half a million university and college students, administrators, faculty, staff, and community members who, with our resources, expertise, training, and connections are creating innovative ways to ensure a healthy, just, and democratic society. 

Imagining America – The Imagining America consortium (IA) brings together scholars, artists, designers, humanists, and organizers to imagine, study, and enact a more just and liberatory ‘America’ and world. Working across institutional, disciplinary, and community divides, IA strengthens and promotes public scholarship, cultural organizing, and campus change that inspires collective imagination, knowledge-making, and civic action on pressing public issues.

International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) – The Association promotes high quality trans-disciplinary research across a wide range of approaches and forms and builds the capacity of scholars, practitioners, and community partners to engage in such research.

Urban Research Based Action Network (URBAN) – URBAN is a multidisciplinary, distributed network of scholars and practitioners committed to articulating and strengthening the collaborative methods and impact, sharing findings, raising the visibility, developing career pathways and increasing the acceptance within the academy of community-based research. 

Last modified: May 22, 2024